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Directrix Risk Services was founded in 2002 by Stefan Swanepoel, a consulting actuary with a passion for bridging the divide between physical risk management and risk financing.

Directrix focuses on providing sensible quantitative interpretation of risk environments through actuarial modelling techniques, tempered with engineering and manufacturing information.

To date, Directrix has advised the bulk of listed companies in South Africa, directly or indirectly, as well as several international corporates in a variety of sectors including utilities, mining, insurance and manufacturing on matters ranging from mining rehabilitation to fire risk management. With the advent of SAM in the insurance industry, Directrix has actively assisted several niche and captive insurers with their SAM implementation.

The recent addition of Directrix Management Services as the sister company of Directrix Risk Services, has expanded the service offering of Directrix to include detailed financial analysis and reporting, improved risk governance and internal audit offerings and forensic accounting. The aim is for Directrix to provide a single source solution to clients in relation to understanding, quantifying, financing and managing complex financial risks.