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VAT Implications (Insured) - Claims and Excess

An insurer will make a payment to the insured or repair or replace the damaged article to settle the claim if the policy holder makes a valid claim against an insurance policy after suffering a loss. This process is called a “settlement”.

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Creativity needed for big data to drive revenue, says risk actuary Stefan Swanepoel

An interview by CFO - Community for Finance Professionals - published on their website

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Video Interview

COVER Magazine interviewed selected delegates at the 38th Organisation of Eastern & Southern Africa Insurers conference held in Mauritius.

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A Risk by any other name is a … Risk?

A look at the challenges faced with terminology in risk management

by Stefan Swanepoel

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The Devil Is In The Details

A closer look at the impact of the proposed FCR standards on the short-term insurance industry

by Stefan Swanepoel

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A person proficient in the study of mathematics, statistics and finance who applies this knowledge to problems in the corporate arena to solve problems involving variable circumstances and outcomes with related probability distributions, whilst taking practical financial considerations such as interest into account.
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